Best Free Download Manager For PC [Windows & Mac]


In this article, we are going to share with you on best free download manager for Windows and Mac.

Do you like downloading a file? From small ones that are only a few KB, or large ones up to gigabytes of bytes.

And at times like that, we want fast internet. But to increase internet speed, we need to spend even more money.

Best Free Download Manager For Windows & Mac

Now, many people want fast internet, but don’t have the money to pay for an even faster connection.

At times like this, you need the help of a download manager software. With download manager software, will help you get a higher download speed without having to pay for a faster connection.

Best Free Download Manager Software For Windows & Mac [2021]

There is various download manager software out there that you can use with their advantages and disadvantages.

Well, in this review, the author recommends some of the best download manager applications. Curious about what the application looks like, here is the list….

1. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Who doesn’t know about Internet Download Manager? Maybe almost all computer users know about this application.

This application, which is often referred to as IDM, is the most popular compared to other download manager applications.

With the working principle of dividing the download into several streams, IDM can download faster than the standard download.

If you are looking for free download manager key then you can check out the previous article where we have shared free IDM serial key.

In addition, IDM also has a feature to download videos from video streaming sites such as YouTube. Download Internet Download Manager here,

Download Internet Download Manager for Windows

Download Internet Download Manager for Mac

# 2. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager

The next downloader application is called Ninja Download Manager with the developer Download Ninja.

Similar to IDM, Ninja Download Manager also uses the same working principles to accelerate download speeds.

By dividing the download into several parts, then downloading it with different servers, Ninja Download Manager is able to accelerate downloads up to 10X times the standard download.

Apart from being functional, this application is also good in appearance. With a modern impression that is given which is also combined with simplicity, making the appearance of this application pleasing to the eye.

In addition, this application also has a function to download videos on YouTube and can also be used as a video converter when the download is complete. Download Ninja Download Manager here,

Download Ninja Download Manager for Windows

Download Ninja Download Manager for Mac

# 3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

Next, is the Free Download Manager developed by Free Download Manager. By using Free Download Manager you will get benefits that are no less good than IDM.

One of them is a feature to download the contents of .torrent files which we know to open them requires a special application.

Now, by using Free Download Manager, you will get download files more easily. In addition, this application also provides a file converter feature that you can use to change the format of a file to the format you want. Download Free Download Manager here,

Download Free Download Manager for Windows

# 4. JDownloader


Next up is an application developed by a developer named AppWork GmbH, namely JDownloader.

Is another best download manager application that you can use. What is special about JDownloader is its very interesting features.

One of them is a feature that can automatically Men- extract archives or file format .rar, .zip, .7z, and archive format lainnya.Dengan this feature you will find it easy when you want to download the archive file.

In addition, JDownloader also has a simple interface and settings that are easy to master. And also the most interesting thing about this JDownloader is the nature of the application that is open-source, so everyone can use or change this application as they wish. Download JDownloader here,

Download JDownloader for Windows

Get Also:

# 5. EagleGet


The fifth is EagleGet from EagleGet developer. With a fairly small size, only 6 Megabytes, EagleGet can bring you a variety of interesting features that will help you in the download process.

But before that, EagleGet has a very attractive interface, not only is it attractive, it’s also clean, which makes you not bothered to see it.

One of the features in EagleGet is the Malware Checker feature, which will scan your downloads for any malware or viruses that harm your computer or not.

In addition, there is also a smart video grabber that can detect videos on a site and you will be able to download them. Download EagleGet here,

Download EagleGet for Windows

# 6. Folx


For the sixth application, is a little different from the others, the application developed by Eltima is an application that can only be used on a Mac.

Folx is a download manager software that is quite popular among Mac users, apart from being free the features provided are also various.

One of the features in Folx is the feature to download file contents from a .torrent file format.

Even though it is not available for the Windows version, Eltima makes a Chrome extension version that you can use when downloading via the Chrome browser even on windows. Download Folx here,

Download Folx for Mac

# 7. iGetter


Unlike the previous application, Folx. The application developed by Presenta is an application that you can use on Windows or Mac.

iGetter is an IDM – class download manager application that you use for free. iGetter has an interface that is quite similar to IDM.

With the same working principle, which is to make a download into several parts and then download it on different servers, iGetter can speed up your downloads.

Apart from that, this app can also automatically connect broken downloads. And also, iGetter also has a feature that can detect your internet connection, with this feature you can disconnect or connect the internet connection. Download iGetter here,

Download iGetter for Windows

Download iGetter for Mac

# 8. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

Furthermore, there is Internet Download Accelerator or IDA for short, developed by Westbyte.

By using Internet Download Accelerator your downloads will be able to reach speeds of 500% compared to standard downloads.

Even though it has an outdated appearance, Internet Download Accelerator has excellent features that you will get if you use IDA.

One of them is a feature to download 4K, 8K, or Full HD videos on several video channels. Download Internet Download Accelerator here,

Download Internet Download Accelerator for Windows

# 9. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

In the next sequence, there is Download Accelerator Plus, although it has almost the same name as Internet Download Accelerator this is a different application with different developers.

Download Accelerator Plus is an application developed by SpeedBit Ltd. By using Download Accelerator Plus you will get download speeds that are faster than standard downloads.

In addition, you will also get useful features, one of which is the video converter, video to MP3 feature, and also a video player at the same time. Download Download Accelerator Plus here,

Download Accelerator Plus for Windows

# 10. FlashGet


In tenth place is FlashGet, which is an application developed by Trend Media Co. Ltd . With this FlashGet, you will be very helpful when downloading a file.

FlashGet will help increase download speeds beyond standard download speeds. In addition, what makes you choose this application compared to other download managers is its relatively small size, and also its download support is fairly large. Download FlashGet here,

Download FlashGet for Windows

# 11. DownTango


Finally, there is DownTango, developed by Red Sky. DownTango has a simple and simple appearance, the settings are also very simple, there are not many annoying buttons.

This application is suitable for those of you who don’t want to see a lot of annoying buttons and are satisfied with only its main features. Download DownTango here,

Download DownTango for Windows


With such a comprehensive list of download managers, it’s no wonder you’re confused.

To be honest, the free download managers are better than the paid ones, and also outperform them in terms of features.

The best download manager software or our favorite download manager is EagleGet Download Manager.

We hope you enjoyed this post. Let us know which one you are using from the list above. Also, let us know if you want to add any suggestions or other download managers as well.

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