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Hurry up before the code runs out! 

March 2024: The latest collection of Mobile Legends redeem codes that have not been used and the steps for exchanging the code.

Although it is often dubbed a suspended animation game, Mobile Legends still has a very large number of active players.

In order not to be abandoned by the players, the developer regularly distributes ML redeem codes for free.

Well, this time we will share information about the Mobile Legends redeem code, which was shared by Moonton, the publisher.

Latest Mobile Legends Redeem Code

Like online games in general, this ML redeem code can be exchanged for cool items for free.

Therefore, the Mobile Legends March 2024 redeem code is definitely waiting for gamers to get this interesting item.

But unfortunately, every Mobile Legends redeem code has an exchange time limit and quota, so you have to quickly exchange it.

Items obtained from exchanging this ML redeem code vary such as fragments, skins, heroes, and also free mobile legends diamonds.

Mobile Legends

ML Redeem Code Requirements

  1. The redeem code from Moonton, the code consists of 17 characters and is a combination of letters and numbers
  2. The mobile legends game user ID that you use to play
  3. The verification code can only be obtained from Moonton
  4. The redeem code only applies to the Indonesian region and does not apply to other regions, and vice versa
  5. The redeem code can only be used once
  6. The redeem code has an expiration date and is valid for a certain period of time
In the previous article, we have shared the free ml accounts or mobile legends accounts, you can check out them.

How to Exchange ML Redeem Code

  1. How to exchange ML redeem codeOpen the browser then open the official Mobile Legends website at
  2. If you have entered the Mobile Legends website, then you can press the Redeem button or Take Gifts.
  3. You can enter the Mobile Legends redeem code that you got in the Redemption column (Exchange Code).
  4. Fill in your Mobile Legends account ID in the Game ID column. Enter your Mobile Legends account ID without the need to enter the Mobile Legends server ID.
  5. Press the Send button to get a verification code from Moonton.
  6. Open the Mobile Legends game, enter the mail then check the message from Moonton in the form of a verification code.
  7. Copy or record the verification code that you get from the Moonton.
  8. Reopen the website earlier, then enter the verification code you got in the Verification Code column.
  9. Press the Redeem button or Take Gifts to exchange the Mobile Legends redeem code. If the redemption is successful, the prize will be sent directly to the mail feature in your Mobile Legends game.

How to Copy ML ID

  1. Login to Mobile Legends
  2. Click the Mobile Legends profile
  3. After that, you can find the ID

ML Redeem Code March 2024

The newest Redeem ML code, which was launched in March 2024, has a quota limit, but there is also an unlimited one.

So you can get a free skin from exchanging the code. If an error occurs, it could be that the server is busy or has been used by someone else.

Active ML redeem Code March 2024:

  • 4nbpwtb3uybe22ad2 – Redeem this code to get free diamonds (NEW)
  • e73ew6apd4zv22b66 – Redeem this to get free diamonds (NEW)
  • 7d9wb7vg37hr22av6 – Redeem this to get free diamonds (NEW)
  • sy389fqgyjjd22afc – Redeem this to get free diamonds
  • t6k6fd2uty5s22afb – Redeem this code to get free diamonds
  • se94be2mm2dr22afc – Redeem this to get free diamonds
  • MLBB515onBoardwithSkywee – Redeem this to get free diamonds
  • rbp8rxewt7ph22afc – Redeem this to get free diamonds

If successful, the prize will be sent directly via in-game mail. If it fails, repeat the method above and then try to enter another redeem code until it works.

Below are the Redeem Code for ML March 2024:

  • y56sswbma
  • b7mdspbm7
  • 01cpffbm8
  • se94be2mm2dr22afc
  • wsfea5pn4ja22g3v
  • rq7zf6vuumka22j2e
  • c9ugn39rzge22j2n

ML Redeem Codes that You can Try [March 2024]

  • 43z37r4g83tv22cjf
  • 2dphjf3fmsreke392
  • zmqa6n3sa3qr22et6
  • 2cw9cct5rhdvpv882
  • ffp788wrmwkp22evw
  • prscdrtn3am722dew

ML Redeem Code that is Still Valid

  • 4qdkrzqua3g622fqv
  • 3pk5yqsrmfbp22gak
  • 4qdadxn4hm3c22fqv
  • 4qcx7cwkdjcw22fqv
  • 4qchgzuay7fr22fqv
  • 793ubdv5hswm22g4y
  • nuq3zy78k9g822g4x
  • 4p73znfm7r5y22gce
  • 4p4uvaf2nn6h22fqv
  • 7ys7pttvh6vk22gta

ML Redeem Code Today

  • 4qcsjq8yhs3p22fqv
  • my9sk3gkw4z822fz7
  • 85k9bhqx4brk22drj
  • 4qcx7cwkdjcw22fqv
  • xjp26qze2vs822gak
  • 7dqzun6497t922ezc

ML Redeem Code Today [March 2024]

  • cs94cdnuz2wc22bkf
  • ye5u44c34n4y22bpy
  • 7m7gjyxn4uyb22b6q
  • 5hzzxwke9dfv22b6t
  • 54qcabj9fbv422b6t
  • 7e2v4r9vcc5a22b6t

Disclaimer: The ML redeem code above is only for information, not necessarily the truth, but it would be better if you try and good luck.

How to Claim Mobile Legend Redeem Code

To claim and get prizes from the redeem code that you get, you must open the official website of Mobile Legend.

Here’s a tutorial on how to claim the ML redeem code one by one:

  1. Open the Mobile Legend redeem code site at or you can directly click here.
  2. How to Claim Mobile Legend Redeem CodeEnter the required data, starting from the redeem code and also your Mobile Legend Game ID.
  3. After that click the Send button to get the Verification Code from Moonton.
  4. How to Claim Mobile Legend Redeem CodeOpen the Mobile Legend game application on your cellphone and open the mailbox. There you will get a Verification Code from Moonton.
  5. This verification code has a time limit. You can use it up to 30 minutes from the time the message comes in.
  6. How to Claim Mobile Legend Redeem CodeCopy and then enter the verification code into the redeem code page, precisely in the Verification Code column.
  7. How to Claim Mobile Legend Redeem CodeAfter that press the Redeem button. If the code is still active and valid, then you will get the specified item.

Why does the Mobile Legends redeem code claim fail?

Well, the possibility of a failed claim is very likely, and the causes can be several.

If you make a claim and fail to get a gift item, here are some possible causes:

  • Invalid redeem code
  • Redeem code has expired
  • The redeem code has exceeded the quota limit
  • You have already claimed the redeem code before
  • You entered the wrong data during the claim process

If you experience problems during the redeem code claim process, you can contact Customer Service directly.


The ML redeem code itself is actually periodically published by Moonton.

However, most of them have usage limits so only those who are quick to redeem will get the prizes.

Therefore, take advantage of the redeem code above to get free skins to beautify the heroes you use in the game.

That’s the list of the latest ML redeem codes for March 2024, good luck, and good luck.

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