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Hard Drive Making Noise: Hard disk is one of the main computer components used to store data or external hard drives that can be used to back up data if the data is important.

But over time the hard drive can also be damaged, given that it is often used and because it is old (it has been used for a long time).

One sign that the external hard drive is old and will soon be damaged or corrupted is that it asks for a format and is illegible.

How To Fix Hard Drive Making Noise

On the one hand, problems that are often encountered on an external hard drive are the sound of crack crack or tick tick tick (click click click), kletek kletek, and tek tek tek.

This problem is also not often encountered on the external, even on the internal hard disk the sound as mentioned above is also often encountered.

If it says, it would be nice to back up the data on the hard disk to another storage place or it could be to online storage such as Google Drive.

Why Does It Sound?

As previously mentioned, Hard Drive Making Noise usually because the hard drive is old (it has been used for a long time), it could also be due to formatting the hard drive too often and what is most often experienced is because suddenly the connected power voltage is suddenly cut due to blackout.

Sometimes we have to check our hard drive health to know is the hard drive good condition or not? but if you don’t know how to check a hard drive then you can read our previous article on how to check hard drive health.

Causes of Hard Drive Sounds

Hard disk sound can be caused by various. In addition to “krek krek”, it can also sound “tick” or “tek.”

For the cause:

  • Harddisk experiences overheating due to airflow that is less good
  • The effect of an unstable electric current
  • The hard drive on the laptop collided
  • Shifted hard drive components
  • Damage in the hard drive
  • Hard disk age factor

How to Fix: Sounding Hard Drive [2024]

The sound on this hard drive is generally not permanent, and we can fix it in certain ways.

Here are some ways to fix it:

Solution #1: Set the Hard Drive Position

Basically, the hard drive on the laptop or PC already has a screw. It’s just that, if the part of the casing where the hard drive has been hit, this can affect its position.

For that, you should check and reset the hard drive position on the PC or laptop. For example, by trying to shift it a little.

Solution #2: Tap the Casing on the Hard Drive (Laptops Only)

Apart from adjusting the position of the hard drive, you can also try tapping the hard drive with your finger.

The method is like this:

  1. Make sure the laptop is turned off
  2. Turn the laptop over, then check the hard drive position in the casing
  3. Tap the casing on the hard drive slowly

Try not to knock too hard.

If you tap too hard, it can change the sound of the hard drive. For example, the sound of “kletek” and the like.

Conversely, if you tap it slowly, usually the sound of the previous hard drive will disappear.

Solution #3: Unplug the Hard Drive Cable

The method is not difficult.

For PC, please remove the hard drive cable. SATA and power from the PSU then plug it back in properly.

For laptops, simply remove and plug back the hard drive through the port provided by the motherboard.

Solution #4: Tighten the Bolts on the Hard Drive

Loose bolts can also be the cause of a sound hard drive. Usually due to the initial installation of the hard drive that is not correct.

The solution is of course easy. Disassemble your PC or laptop, check the bolts and then tighten them.

You can also change the type of bolt used, for example, the one that is a little bigger.

Solution #5. Power Outages

Power surges can also cause the hard drive to click, and if the problem is not observed the rest of the time, then everything is fine with the drive.

Laptop users may also experience various abnormal hard drive sounds while operating on battery power.

If the clicks disappear when the laptop is plugged in, the battery may be defective and should be replaced with a new one.

Solution #6. Overheat

Overheating of a hard drive can occur for various reasons, and a sign of this condition will be various non-standard sounds it makes.

How do I know if a drive is overheating? This usually happens under load, for example, during games or long-term recording to the hard drive.

In this case, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the drive. This can be done using the HWMonitor or AIDA64 programs.

Other signs of overheating are the freezing of programs or the entire operating system, a sudden restart, or a complete shutdown of the PC.

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Notes From Me

fix Sounding Hard Drive

This discussion is my experience. In this way, the hard disk normally sounds normal again.

Well, of course, with a note that the hard drive component is still normal, yes, no problem.

Well, on the other hand, if you feel that the hard drive component you are using is problematic because the sound still appears, there are a few notes to note:

# 1. Don’t Disassemble the Hard Drive

If someone says to take apart the hard drive to get rid of the sound, this is not recommended.

The reason is that this hard drive component is quite sensitive. If there are parts that are shifted, it can make the dish not work properly.

It could even be that the hard drive can no longer be used.

# 2. Immediately Backup Data

When the hard disk sounds, whether it’s a damaged component or not, I recommend directly backing up important data.

This is just in case. If suddenly the hard drive is unreadable, the data can be returned immediately.

The Final Word

That is the discussion on how to deal with a sound hard drive or Hard Drive Making Noise.

Well, please try the steps first. If it doesn’t work, then you can replace the hard drive to a new one, hehe.

Hope it is useful

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