Fix “The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc000007b)” Error


Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) is an error message that appears when we open an application on a Windows-based computer, especially Windows 10 (regardless of 64 bit or 32 bit).

Most of the cases experienced this error message after upgrading their operating system. Indeed, there is a possibility that some files & programs are not necessarily compatible with the version of Windows 10 that you upgraded.

You can try to implement the application that was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b on Windows 10 64 bit / 32 bit but prepare an internet connection beforehand.

Fix “The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly (0xc000007b)” Error

Here I will discuss in full. Please listen.

Causes of 0xc000007b Error


The reasons for the message “ unable to start correctly ” (0xc000007b) are various. Among them:

  • It could be because the application is indeed damaged.
  • You installed the wrong version of the application.
  • Or even due to problems with the system.

Yes, you could say this is another version of the crash or stopped working (more or less).

How to Fix Error 0xc000007b (Unable To Start Correctly)

Frankly speaking, I used to get this message a lot. Usually, it happens after I finish installing the game, then it will run the game.

Solutions that you can do:

  1. Restart the computer
  2. Installing Visual C ++
  3. Install the .NET Framework
  4. Reinstall the application
  5. Check system and application compatibility
  6. Check The Hard Disk
  7. Reinstall Windows
  8. Use the application on another device

For those of you who are experiencing this problem, please try to follow these tips. So that the application can run normally.

1. Restart the Computer or Laptop

Restart the computer or laptop

The easiest thing to do is to restart first. The goal is to refresh the system so that any bugs are gone.

Click the Start button > Click the Power icon > Then please select the Restart option. Wait for the computer or laptop to turn on again, then open the application with the 0xc000007b error.

If it doesn’t work, try following the next steps.

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2. Install Microsoft Visual Credits

Microsoft Visual Credits (Visual C ++) is a system application. Its function is to provide resources for several applications that need this program’s library components.

For most applications, this program is essential you install. In my opinion, it is mandatory.

How to Install:

  • Please find the program first on the Microsoft page.
  • Then open the installer. For example vc_redist.x64.exe.
Install Microsoft Visual Credist
  • Check the Accept License column > Then install
Install Microsoft Visual Credist

Please note, there are many versions of Microsoft Visual C ++:

  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2005
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2008
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2012
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Credits 2017

And all of them are divided into two types of programs:

Visual Credits 32-bit Visual Credits 64-bit
For Windows 32-bit systems For Windows 64-bit systems


  • Please install everything. Starting from the old version (2005) to the latest.
  • Also install for both versions of Windows (32bit and 64bit), even if your Windows is only on one version.
  • Why is Visual C ++ mandatory? The reason is that in this program my experience can minimize errors, such as 0xc000007b of course.

3. Install NET Framework

NET Framework (or commonly called DotNET), is one of the important components of Windows which unfortunately is not provided by default.

In other words, we have to install this program manually.



Choose the latest version only. Or the stable version (It says recommended ).

  • Please open the application
Install NET Framework
  • Click Next on the initial installation page
  • Then click Install to start the installation process
Install NET Framework

NET Framework has a function similar to Visual C.

Namely to provide resources to applications, which really need them from the NET Framework library.

4. Reinstall the Application

When you encounter this problem, then you can also try reinstalling the application.

Namely deleting the application> Then reinstalling it. Here are more details:

  • First, please Disable Antivirus.
  • Then go to Control Panel> Select the Uninstall a Program menu
  • Then select and delete the desired application
Reinstall the Application
  • If so, please reopen the application installer by clicking Run as Administrator
Reinstall the Application


  • If you have an installer for another version of the application, then it’s better to use another one.

5. Checking System and Application Compatibility

Not a few of us like to force our laptops or computer to run certain applications.

In fact, in terms of compatibility, the specifications that are owned do not meet the requirements. Message 0xc00007b very likely from here, you know.

# 1. Check the Specs Required by the Application

  1. Please open Google Search
  2. Then type ” system requirements application “
  3. Then usually you can check the information
Check the Specs Required by the Application

# 2. Check the Computer is Supported or Not

  1. Click the Windows key + R
  2. Type “DXDIAG”> then click OK
  3. Next, you will see the computer specifications
 Check the computer is supported or not

If your laptop / PC doesn’t meet the required system requirements, it will usually show a black screen, crash, or stopped working.

And finally, the message 0xc000007b appears.

6. Check Normal Hard Drive or Not

Check normal hard drive or not

All application sources, basically come from the hard disk. So what happens if the hard drive we use is damaged?

Well, a damaged hard drive will usually experience bad sectors.

This bad sector is a problem in which the hard disk is damaged in part of the data, which causes it to be unreadable.

These bad sectors can trigger many other problems on the computer. For example, application crashes, Windows runs slowly, error 0xc000007b, Windows hangs, and many more.


  • You can use the HDTune or HDDSentinel application to check.

7. Reinstall Windows

Reinstall Windows

You can choose the reinstall option if the application that is running is not a compatible version. Or you have tried many methods before but it didn’t work.

In my experience with this method of reinstalling Windows, most applications that show the message 0xc000007b unable to start correctly can be resolved.

With a note using a different version of Windows. For example, in the updated version.

8. Running the Application on Other Devices

You can use this alternative option if you really need it to run the application.

On other devices, this error 0xc000007b may be less likely. Especially if the device has different specifications (system and components).

Please try it.

The Final Word

So, using the method above, until now I have never experienced the 0xc000007b “ the application that was unable to start correctly ” error again.

Not only that, the problem crashes – crashes others also I guarantee can be fixed using the right methods.

Because basically, all of these methods are universal.

Are you still having 0xc000007b problems after applying the eight methods above? Try asking again via the comment box below. I’ll help later.

May be useful.

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