How To Fix: Input Not Supported on Monitor Error [2024]


Hello friends, on this occasion I will try to discuss problems with computers, especially on the monitor component.

At one time when I was going to install my friend’s computer with Windows 10, suddenly the input not supported Windows 10 monitor appeared which I was going to install.

I think this problem was because the cable on the monitor was not installed properly, but after the cable is connected the not supported input still appears on the Acer monitor.

How To Fix Input Not Supported on Monitor

Even, The causes can be various. But usually, it is also related to the resolution. For example, the resolution is not supported on the system or in the game.

Suddenly as an impromptu technician, I was confused hehe.

And after looking for what causes the not supported input? in the end, a solution was found. after I practiced it finally the monitor was able to turn back on as before.

It turns out that this happens because the VGA driver is not installed on the computer. Did you experience this too? to fix this you can follow the simple steps below.

How to Solved: Input Not Supported On The Monitor

Since the cause is mostly not a component, this error message is not difficult for us to fix.

Here we discuss the solution.

Solution #1. Check Cables (HDMI, VGA, DVI)

Check Cables (HDMI, VGA, DVI)

First, try to check the cable connected to the monitor. Can be HDMI, VGA, or DVI.

Make sure it’s not loose. Or the good thing is you first unplug the cable and then plug it back in properly.

Solution #2. Change Cable Type

Change Cable Type

If you support VGA, you can try changing the type of cable used. For example, before using DVI, try changing to using HDMI.

Then if there is more than one port on the same monitor (for example HDMI 1 and HDMI 2), try using a different one from before.

Sometimes this can be an influence too.

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Solution #3. Enable VGA Mode

VGA Mode functions so that the monitor can boot to the lowest resolution. The steps are like this:

  1. First, please restart your PC first.
  2. When booting press the F8 key to enter the boot menu.
  3. Then please select VGA Mode there.
  4. Then the system will boot normally into Windows

Enable VGA Mode

If so, try to check whether the error message still appears or not.

Solution #4. Enabling Video Base in MSCONFIG

This video base setting functions so that Windows can load the default drivers. So it’s not the driver that we install ourselves.

Well, we can use this feature to check whether the problem comes from the driver or not.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows key + R together.
  • Windows Run will appear> Please type MSConfig > Press Enter.

Enabling Video Base in MSCONFIG

  • Here an MSConfig window will appear, click the Boot tab and check the Base Video option.
Enabling Video Base in MSCONFIG
  • Finally, click the Apply button and OK.
  • Done.

Solution #5. Change Screen Resolution

Change the screen resolution to a specific setting. For example, from Full HD to HD you can try.

This method can be used if the input not supported message appears in certain applications.


  • Right-click on Desktop> Then select the Display Settings menu.

Change Screen Resolution

  • After that click the Resolution column and select a different resolution than before.
Change Screen Resolution
  • Done.

Solution #6. Reinstall VGA Driver

Doing reinstalling this driver aims to solve any possible bugs.

The way that I recommend, do a clean install using DDU then reinstall the driver as usual.

And you can also try this way:

  • Please open Device Manager first.

Reinstall VGA Driver

  • Next select Device Adapter and right-click your VGA.
  • Here again, click the Uninstall Device option.

Reinstall VGA Driver

  • Done.

Solution #7. Switch to Windowed Mode (Game)

Especially in games, as it is known, in the display settings there are usually two to three options. Namely Full Screen, Full Screen Borderless, and Windowed mode.

Full Screen Full-screen mode
Full Screen Borderless Full-screen mode but the taskbar can still be opened
Windows Mode No full-screen mode, so the taskbar is still visible

Here I suggest, trying changing the setting to Windowed Mode. The steps are more or less like this:

  1. Open the desired game
  2. Then enter the settings menu> Display
  3. Find a column to set full screen then switch to Windowed mode
  4. Apply and save the settings

Switch to Windowed Mode (Game)

Or you can also try pressing the ALT + Del or ALT + Enter keys while in the game.

The Final Word

I explain these methods assuming the monitor is in default.

So if you use a custom resolution or change the refresh rate on the monitor, then you need to return the settings to the original first.

Hope it is useful.

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