How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks On Windows 7, 8 , 10


Fix Mouse Double Clicks: When the mouse you use double-click itself, there is a possibility that the mouse is having a problem. Either from the components or the settings.

Of course, this needs to be overcome. Because we will not be able to use a computer or laptop properly.

So, if you want to fix it, please check here.

How To Fix Mouse Double Clicks On Windows

Causes of Mouse Double Clicks

Before continuing, you need to know what causes the mouse to double-click itself.

That is:

  • Error configuring the mouse
  • Problem mouse driver
  • The inside of the mouse is dirty or dusty
  • The mouse switch is stuck, making it hard to click
  • The mouse is damaged due to the effects of long use
  • Often the left mouse click is too hard (for example, because playing games)

If the cause of mouse problems is due to drivers or misconfiguration, fixing it is still fairly easy.

However, if the problem is with a damaged mouse component, you can disassemble and replace the component with a new one.

How to Overcome Double Click Mouse Issue

After knowing all the causes, now you just need to find the right solution to overcome them.

In this discussion, I have prepared several solutions. So you just need to adjust the problem and apply the method only.

Here are some ways to deal with double-clicking mouse yourself:

# 1. Replace Mouse Switch

If the mouse button switch is damaged, then you have to replace it with a new component. In some online shops, quite a lot of them sell mouse switches.

Besides that, compared to buying a new mouse, replacing the components can also save you more expenses, you know.

To replace it yourself, you need to disassemble the mouse. My experience is if we are lucky we can just disconnect from the switch. Well, but sometimes need a soldering iron too.

# 2. Putting Duct Tape on the Mouse

If you have trouble changing the mouse switch, then you can outsmart it by using duct tape.

Regarding how you can open the problematic side of the mouse button.

After that, insert the duct tape and insert it into the side of the mouse button. The duct tape will eventually block the inside of the mouse and minimize double clicks.

# 3. Reinstall Mouse Driver

Then if the damage is in the driver, you can reinstall the mouse driver. Not without reason, this is because sometimes the mouse driver can experience problems suddenly.

Regarding how you can follow the steps below:

  • First, you can press the Windows key, then type Control Panel.

Reinstall Mouse Driver

  • Then select the Hardware and Sound menu.

Reinstall Mouse Driver

  • Then select the Device Manager menu.

Reinstall Mouse Driver

  • If so, now you are looking for the mouse driver, then right-click it.
  • The final step, please select Uninstall Device.

Reinstall Mouse Driver

  • Done.

After uninstalling, now you have to restart the computer in use. Then plug the mouse back in to start the driver installation automatically.

# 4. Check Mouse Configuration

For example, the mouse you are using only has a problem in File Explorer, usually, there is an error in its configuration.

The reason is, in File Explorer, there is a setting that allows you to click once to double click.

Then to fix it, please follow the steps below:

  • First, you can open File Explorer first.
  • Then click the View tab, then select the Options menu.

Check Mouse Configuration

  • Then the Folder Options dialog box will open. In this setting, you can select the option Double-click to open an item.

Check Mouse Configuration

  • If so, please click OK to apply these settings.
  • Done.

If you choose the single-click option to open an item, then only click once the mouse is used as double-clicking.

#5. Change Mouse Double Click Speed

One way to fix mouse double click on windows is to change the speed of clicking on the mouse.

For most people, the default double-click threshold is manageable, but you may have changed it by mistake or set it to a level where Windows won’t recognize your click properly.

To change the speed of your double click, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse and click Additional mouse options in the right sidebar.

If you don’t see it, drag the Settings window to make it wider.

When you click that link, a new Control Panel Mouse Properties window will appear.

On the Buttons tab, you will find the Double-click speed option.

Move the slider as you see fit; You can test it by double-clicking on the folder icon on the right.

The closer you get to Fast placing the slider, the less time Windows will allow between clicks to register a double click.

If it gets too close to Slow, Windows might register two single clicks as double clicks.

#6. Clean Your Mouse

If you’ve tried the two methods above and your mouse problem doesn’t go away, it’s most likely a hardware problem.

Check your mouse, especially around the top button where you clicked, and see if there’s any dirt there.

Excessive build-up can irritate your mouse’s internals and cause it to keep on double-clicking or clicking incorrectly.

Wipe with a cotton swab, compressed air, and similar tools to remove any debris.

You can even make a DIY cleaning putty and use it if you want.

After cleaning, try to see if the double click mouse problem is no longer a problem.

#7. Check Battery Life and Crashes

Another cause of mouse double-clicking is poor communication between the mouse and your computer.

This usually happens for one of two reasons: low battery life or glitches.

Both are unique problems with wireless mice, so you don’t need to try these steps if you’re using a wired mouse.

Try you can try to replace the battery with a more battery because the battery is already low can make the mouse not work properly.

If you are using a rechargeable mouse, you will need to plug in the mouse to charge it until the battery has sufficient charge.

If the problem is not with the battery, your mouse may be having problems communicating with your computer wirelessly.

Try moving your mouse closer to the computer if it’s far away.

Also, if your mouse uses a USB receiver, make sure it is placed away from metal and other materials that block the wireless signal.

#8. Try Another Mouse

If you have tried all the ways to fix the double click mouse that we described above and the problem has not been resolved, maybe the mouse is damaged.

To test it, try connecting another mouse to your current computer or connecting your current mouse to another computer.

If your mouse is having the same problem on another computer, it’s most likely faulty.

If you try another mouse on your PC and don’t experience any issues, that’s another sign that your original mouse is faulty.

However, if the second mouse has the same problem on your computer and the original mouse works fine on the second computer, you may have software or something interfering with the normal operation of your mouse.

The Final Word

That is the discussion on how to fix a double-click mouse by yourself.

I made this method based on personal experience, hehe. If you want to ask something, go ahead.

May be useful.

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